What is smp?


Scalp Micropigmentation is a definitive and effective solution for people needing to repeat the natural organic look of genuine hair follicles and the ‘shaved head’ view. It is the latest, creative, and advanced solution that recreates the presence of thicker, more full hair.



With our special training, we apply a restrictive procedure of pigmented material to the scalp with miniature fine needles to make a huge number of small imitations, providing the dream of hair, like the expert’s procedure of texturing. This reasonable method can also be utilized to improve a current hair rebuilding or give an option to people who need a non-surgical treatment appropriate for all kinds of hair loss symptoms.

Instant results

Each treatment is tailor-made to each persons needs and goals.


Strengthen and add density to thinning or bald areas for the appearance of thicker, stronger hair.




Best-suitable for different kinds and phases of balding on all skin colors.


Here’s Our Process

Our Technique

In order to perform this technique at the highest level, we use different micro-sized needles to insert tiny permanent deposits of organic pigments into the scalp accurately replicating your own hair follicles. Our pigments are selected specifically for SMP and will never turn blue or green like typical tattoo inks. We use Master Trained 3D SMP techniques to give you the perfect illusion of a full head of healthy hair.

Our Equipment

We use the industry’s most advanced micropigmentation machines to provide our clients with superior and natural results. We do not use regular tattoo machines. Top practitioners creating the best results in the US and the UK all use similar machines and not regular tattoo machines.



Each treatment is tailor-made to each persons needs and goals, and will match your hair color and skin type. Most clients need a minimum of 2-3 treatments to achieve the best results. The end result is tiny, 3D looking follicle replication that will give you the most realistic and natural look of closely cropped hair. The look is undetectable and most people, including family, will not be able to tell the difference from real follicles and SMP follicles.

natural looking results



We can give extensive detail to full front, side, and back hairlines just as recover a front hairline for full or imperfectly hair loss heads. Whether you have long hair, short hair, lean hair, or an obvious scalp, our viable Scalp Micropigmentation can give the look of a thicker, more full head of hair. For those with a shaved head or no hair by any means, the immediate solution is the appearance of a closer shave or buzz trim style.


Pricing Models For Every Need

Some treatments can be less and some can be more depending on factors such as scars, alopecia, etc.  We offer discounts and financing through PayPal Credit, and we also take all major credit cards.

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